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7 Ways to Cope with the Passing of Your Beloved Pet

Losing your friend can be one of the most difficult times in your life. I know! I too have experienced it! I know how hard it is for you right now, however I do promise that each day, week, month, year will get easier and that pain will turn to peace and love. Peace and love for the gifts and joy your beautiful pet brought you. Here are 7 ways to cope with the passing of your beloved pet. At the end of this article, you will find some gifts from me.

Cry & Sulk

Crying and sulking and being sad is allowed and very healthy for you to do after the loss of your best friend. It is okay to mope around the house and be OK with it following a pet’s passing. If you feel like you’re in a dark place, or cannot get out of that place you should reach out for help. You can contact a support group or someone who specializing in pet loss. Just know there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to feel emotional pain. And that includes for many, feelings of guilt, after the death of a special pet.

Be Kind To Yourself

Practise self care. Be mindful of your mental health and well-being. Going on a beautiful walk in nature, sitting by the waterfront, soaking in an Epson salts bath, meditating, exercising: These are all great activities to add to your daily routine to just be good to yourself.   Remember: Practicing self-compassion is more than OK, it is very important to do. Your special pet only wants the best for you!

Create a Memorial

Creating a loving memorial of your pet is a popular way to remember your pet. The memorial could include a keepsake box that holds some of your pet’s belongings, or it could be a pet memorial frame specially designed to both display a photo of your pet and your pet’s collar. You could create a scrapbook with special photos of adventures you shared together. You could make something of a shrine for your pet.


Create a journal of all the wonderful things your pet did for you. What was happening when he/ she came into your life? What did you learn from your pet? How is your life different now? Have you become a stronger person having had your special furry friend? Did your pet help you through a difficult period of your life? That special pet did come into your life for a reason and the more that you journal you may discover that answer. That beautiful soul was a gift to you. Celebrate him / her life.

Create a grateful journal! Make a list of the things you did together with your pet. It can help you realize just how much you did with your pet and allows you to focus on everything you did do together instead of thinking about the things you didn’t do.

When I did this process after my dog, Rocky, crossed over, I had not expected it at that time that it would become a children’s book series called Rocky’s Journey with book one based on him saving my life and unborn baby’s life – “Rocky’s Trip To The Hospital”. Nor did I realize I would write “Rocky’s Positive Thoughts Coloring Book” filled with positive affirmations to help children globally, cope with the darkness days of their lives.

Pay it Forward

Donate to your local animal shelter or animal charity in your pet’s name as a remembrance that will help other animals in need.

Ask friends or family to also donate to an animal charity instead of sending cards or flowers. Together you can make a positive difference for more animals in need.

Plant a Tree or Buy Jewelry in Your Pet’s Honor

Many pet parents feel better after planting a garden and then spreading their pet’s ashes on it. Other pet owners prefer burying a pet in their yard and planting a tree next to the burial spot. Seeing that tree of your choice grow, is ensuring your pet’s life will live on in a beautiful and natural way.

If you’re not ready to let your pet go entirely, you can also purchase memorial jewelry that holds a pet’s ashes near your heart.

I was given a special Angel Dog pin to wear as my reminder that Rocky was nearby. Jewelry can be a very comforting reminder that your pet is nearby.

Reach out for Support

If you’re really struggling, talking to other pet parents in the same situation may be the answer. Beware of the non pet people – they may not understand your loss if they have never felt that special unconditional love that a pet provides.

I can help you!

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About the author: Sue London, The Animal Communicator

Sue London is a globally-renowned animal communicator. She has helped thousands of people, through healing, coping with emotional trauma, as well as providing tools to deal with behaviors of difficult pets.

She has dedicated her life to helping others, to deeply connect with their own true self and with their animals, both living and crossed over.

Having survived two near-death experiences that gave her direct witness to the “other side”, Sue has served as a bridge between our two worlds and has used her experience to help bring peace and healing to people and their pets. Sue is also the author of a series of best-selling books that focus on pet issues. Some titles include: Signs From Your Beloved Pets, Rocky’s Trip To The Hospital and Rocky’s Positive Thoughts Coloring Book. The messages she is able to channel through the hearts and souls of pets, have helped to provide closure, heal relationships and bring peace and understanding that may never have been possible without this empathic bridge. Sue is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, as the experiences she has faced has made her a new and better person. She can truly understand what others are going through, and authentically connect with them and their animals, to help them find peace through her life-changing healing methods.

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