It is my story with Gus – My Four Legged Angel, Gus

This story is written just 24 hours after my husband, Ross, and I said our goodbyes to our handsome King Cavalier Spaniel named Gus. My intentions for sharing our journey are to validate that you are never alone when your pets cross and that there is a lot of magic and miracles that surround us. Like you, I am a devoted pet owner who really, really, really loves her pets. My abilities are that I feel every animal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As a child this was a nightmare to live with but as I aged and accepted that God had a plan for my journey, miracles and magic surrounded me, and then with the pets and owners that I met. Here is my story of my very special four-legged Angel, named Gus.

Gus came into our life at 5 weeks old. Him and his siblings were abandoned in an empty apartment and the owner had taken their mother. My daughter saw the story in the newspaper and said, “Mom we have to save this puppy!” Gus came into our life covered in fleas, he was scared, and needed a lot of reassurance. For the first two years of his life, he peed on everything. We had to replace bed mattresses, sofa, chairs, and rugs. From my understanding of what we were told, this behavior can happen when the mother is taken from the pups at too young of an age.

At this time, we already had two dogs and I knew Ross would think I was nuts getting a third. So, I crossed my fingers behind my back and told Ross, Gus was only staying with us for awhile and then he would be going back to our daughter. He accepted it but I knew deep down he knew me only too well.

Gus did need a lot of reassurance throughout his 17 years of life. He knew he was deeply loved, and that we were so grateful to have him in our life. When he came into our life, our shih tzu Willy took him under his wing, or paw shall we say, and mothered him. Molly, on the other hand did not like this rambunctious, fun-loving puppy in her space at all! Often Gus would take the long route through our house just to avoid Molly. Molly did apologize for her behavior when she crossed over!

After Willy crossed over Gus went into a very deep depression. He was lonely and empty and unsure. He stopped eating. Concerned for his health and well being we knew he needed a friend. We borrowed our daughter’s dog for a week whom Gus loved and adored. That gave us time to attract Gus’ new friend, Marley. Marley is a little 10-pound, fun loving, intuitive ball of joy. Gus and Marley fell in love instantly and were never separated a day or for even an hour for 10 years of Marley’s life.

Throughout our life with Gus, Ross and I learned to laugh more, we learned to have more fun, we learned there is not better entertainment than watching your pets play together. When we got lazy, Gus would stand in front of us and talk. We knew exactly what he was saying…. “Get your butts up and take me for a nice walk by the water!” We always complied! Having two dogs that are intuitive is like living with a personal trainer! Life was wonderful!

Life changed on June 30, 2023, when I woke up that morning to find 8 large piles of vomit, 6 piles of diarrhea, and countless puddles of pee in our dining room near our back door. I knew it had to come from Gus because Marley sleeps in a cage at night! My heart sank. I tapped into my abilities. I felt Gus’ uncomfortable digestive system. I felt his nausea and weakness. I held him in my arms and knew when that July holiday weekend ended, we needed to get Gus to our Vet. A couple of days later, the Vet confirmed what I was feeling. He shared that although Gus was just 15 days from turning 17 years old, and his blood work showed that of a healthy 10-year-old, he had an infection. Great confirmation for me knowing my healing abilities were helping my pets stay young! Gus did have to go on an antibiotic for the unknown infection he had. It was the first time in his life he had ever been sick or on medication! After 8 days, he began to eat and got stronger, he was back with his talking to us and reminding us he wanted to go down to the waterfront for our morning walk, and he was even chasing his toys again. However, some days his body showed a weakness, and I knew how to help him. I gave him healings every hour. During these special moments we would share our love for each other, and I would remind him how special he was and that we were so very grateful he chose Ross and I to be his parents!

Then it seemed like overnight he started having more stronger, healthier days until July 29. That night before, Gus and I were playing on the floor, with me throwing his toy and him running down the hall to chase it. Yes, now even at age 17 years old he was doing that! Marley would run beside him and sometimes get to that toy first and quickly run it back to me. Sometimes the toy came back into my hands, while other times the winner took it on his comfy bed. I remember thinking I am so blessed to have these boys in my life and got thinking and wondering how much longer I would hold Gus, how much longer I would see the love in his eyes, and yes, even smell his horrible breath.  At the time, I questioned if this thought was preparing me for what was about to come. I prayed I was wrong. Hours later at 2 am while I was up all night with Gus due to him starting to vomit again, he told me we were getting a new shih tzu puppy again. Trying not to face the obvious I told Gus I didn’t think Dad would like us having a third dog right now. His reply was, “Mom, you know what I am saying!” I thought, “Dam! This ability of mine! I am not ready to say goodbye to knowing you this way. I want to keep holding you and kissing you.” Throughout the entire middle of the night, Gus and I sat outside and stared at the stars and the moon. I told him one day we will be together again but in a different way. It was 2:30 am. I knew at that moment I was creating a memory of a very special time with boy. Every time now when I look at that moon and see that bright sky filled with all those shining stars, I will remember that love, support and playfulness that I experienced from my special dog named, Gus!

By 5 am Gus seemed better, and Ross left for work. Then by 6:30 am everything changed. Before it happened, I began to feel anxious, and Marley had been sniffing Gus. I got the message the night before to have my morning shower then. For some reason that I was not ready to face, or should I say I knew but didn’t want to know, I would not have time for that shower in the morning. At 6:30 am Gus started vomiting so much that I knew he was in trouble. At this point I had him outside and ran into the house quickly to grab a cloth to wipe his face from all the vomit. I found him laying on the grass. He had collapsed, was having tremors, and was not moving but still breathing. My first thought was, “Oh God, not know! I am not ready to say goodbye.” Then I pulled myself together again and knew I had to phone Ross. Gus and I both needed Ross home for us to say goodbye. I had no idea where to go. I reached out to our dog sitter, and she calmly gave me the number for the Veterinary hospital. It was going to be a 39-minute drive according to google maps. I knew there was not time for Ross to get home, so he left work and joined us at the Vet hospital. I knew Marley had to stay home. It was the first time they were ever separated. I couldn’t hold both dogs. I will admit I felt horrible not including Marley. I just had no option. I had to focus on getting Gus to that hospital. I began to pray as I was driving. Gus was instructing me to speed up. He needed to see his Dad one more time. I asked our angels to bring me a police officer so they could help me speed. Within seconds an O.P.P officer was sitting on the side of the road watching for speeders. I pulled alongside of him and asked for his help. I told him my dog was dying and where I had to go. He told me he could not take me, but he allowed me to speed. He said, “Your dog is the most important right now. You drive the speed that is safe.” He wrote my licence plate number down and said he wished us both well. I got in the car and thought I just got permission from the police to speed. Thank you, Angels! I arrived at the Veterinary hospital in 20 minutes. I was greeted by Ross and Vet staff. They held a blanket out and wrapped Gus and took him to check his vital signs. Ross and I held each other, we prayed, and then we cried. We both knew what was coming.

God sent us a beautiful, kind, spiritual Vet named Dr. Kristine. She told us how bad it was and shared how much she knew Gus was loved. It was nothing that I already knew. Again, this was another Vet sharing his blood results didn’t show that of a 17-year-old. All the while she was talking about options, Gus laid on the table with my arms wrapped lovingly around him, and him telling me he was ready to join Willy. I turned on my Insight Timer App to the mediation called, Sleep With The Stars.  It is a meditation that I play daily for our boys. Hearing that meditation, Gus sunk more into my arms.  

After we chose the option of having Gus cremated Ross and I said our goodbyes to Gus, told him he will always be so very special to us and thanked him for loving us and being our boy! As I was talking, the temperature in the room began to get cold. I watched as our pets on the other side came to support Gus, even our Molly! I was pleasantly grateful to see many of the pets that I had helped cross over were there also to welcome Gus to his new adventure. I smiled as I witnessed Mom and Dad put their hands on Ross supporting us both. Angels played soft harps surrounding us with such beautiful love and kindness. Taking my own advice, I offer my clients going through this, I stayed so strong for Gus and knew he needed me to be at peace also. Then I watched his beautiful soul come out of his body, join the others and they crossed over. I knew he was gone and told the Vet. She confirmed his heart had stopped. It was 11:11 am! The time when Angels communicate! I asked Gus during our drive to bring me a sign that he was okay on the other side. At 11:11 am, my cell phone starting make crazy unusual sounds unlike anything I had ever heard. I knew it was from Gus, my now little Angel!

Let’s just say that by the time we walked out of that hospital I had used up a new box of their Kleenex! I honestly think I should consider purchasing shares in that company! I cry along with every pet owner too as I help their pets cross!

Gus has reminded us he is with us by ringing the doorbell, by rebooting my phone every couple of hours, appearing on my zoom screen, his name appearing in unusual places, by watching Marley lick what others see as the air, when really it is Gus. Since Gus has crossed, he has not stopped talking to me, in fact I think it is fair to say my boy is talking much more than he did when he was alive. Now an Angel he is guiding me where to go and when. He is telling me every word that needs to be in this article so you too, will know your special pet is happy, whole, and bringing you signs and messages when you are ready. Gus has already channeled a children’s story book. His words – “I want to have my own children’s book, just like Rocky does!” (Rocky was another special dog we had)Gus has sent new people for me to help. He has sent pets that are ready to cross. He gave me an outline for an online course I am to offer.  And did I mention this has all happened in 2 days since his crossing! My boy is definitely on a mission!

Gus came to my dear friend, Susan Elizabeth Reis, who shares Angel songs and messages. She said, “Gus said to stop crying over him and get moving.” That is my boy! Here, I thought I would take a few days off to mourn him! Gus chose his time for crossing, just like your pet has/ or will, and he is now my Angel on the other side creating the miracles and magic so I can help many more pets cross in a peaceful way, just like he and many have done before them.

I hope that by sharing the journey Gus and I have experienced together will bring you hope, healing, and feel so much love. We are NEVER alone. We are surrounded by much love from our pets and others who have crossed. They watch over us, they protect us, they continue to love and support us and truly create the magic and miracles within our lives. Talk to them, tell them what you need, and thank them for the magic and miracles they bring you!

I wish you much love and many blessings,
Love Sue London

© 2023 Sue London is a Hospice Pet Doula, Animal Communicator, and Pet Healer. She is a professional speaker and author and can be found heard and seen on many medias around the world. Sue shares her love and support globally to help others when their pets are ready to transition. She shares messages from your pets alive and who have crossed. Sue teaches pet healing courses. Sue will bring you peace, comfort, and closure. As her Grandpa Buck and Jesus told her during her second near death experience…. “Suzy it is not your time to join us. You have millions of pets and their owners you need to help them cope, heal, and move forward.” And she is very grateful to share, that she is exactly what she is doing!

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    1. Thanks Judy and my sweet dear friend Bentley for sharing your feedback on Gus and my final adventures together. Gus continues to send the people who need my help , the global awards, and the amazing people that are to help me soar even more.! oxxoo

  1. Thanks Judy and my sweet dear friend Bentley for sharing your feedback on Gus and my final adventures together. Gus continues to send the people who need my help , the global awards, and the amazing people that are to help me soar even more.! oxxoo

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