It was an amazing experience. My baby left me unexpectedly and I was so lost. Father Nathan, the Joyful Friar recommended Sue, so that was the best stamp of approval for me. And she didn’t disappoint. Sue connected with my baby, but more than that she taught me how to connect with her and gave me the peace I needed at the time. Our pets are not dead they are now alive in spirit. That is so reassuring to know. Sue is sweetheart who only wants the best for you and your pet and that is translated through her service. It was amazing to be able to hear what my baby wanted to share with me. Thank you so much Sue for spending the day with my Olive and thank you sharing her messages for me and providing me healing. Olive will be missed, always loved and never forgotten!

Sandra Layer

Sue is truly my guardian angel. She not only brought me back from the depths of despair when I lost my beloved Blue, she is an incredible teacher and coach and has uplifted every spiritual and practical aspect of my life beyond my imagination. I couldn’t be more grateful for her love, generosity and wondrous energy. Every time spent with Sue is joyous, life-affirming, and life-transforming. I am on a new, healthy and happy path in life thanks to Sue.

Selya Price

I have just completed my Level 2 Reiki class with Sue, and it was a very uplifting and encouraging experience! Sue is very knowledgeable, and you can tell she really enjoys sharing her teachings with others! Not only will I be able to use these reiki practices on my own pets and family members, but I can use this as another branch in my dog walking and pet sitting business and I am looking forward to being able to share my knowledge with my clients as I learn and continue to grow as well.

Chantel Nugent, owner of Who’s Walking Who? Pet Services

I absolutely loved taking the Reiki for Pets Level 1 and Level 2 courses with Sue London! She is extremely talented, insightful, and of course passionate about healing pets. Her work and experiences are truly inspirational. She taught me that animals are sensitive to the energy of their surroundings, so it is easy for them to feel the benefits of this practice. Reiki balances animals’ energy patterns and strengthens their natural healing systems. I highly recommend Sue’s courses to anyone interested in learning how to do Reiki. Even after completing the courses, Sue continues to be an amazing coach and mentor. I am grateful that I found Sue to teach me how I can assist in the process of healing pets!

Carolyn Carfora

Warm, wise, wonderful . . . Engaging, enlightening, educational, and insightful all describe Sue London. Sue’s gift of helping pet owners understand the feelings and behaviors of their pets is nothing short of miraculous! After weekly visits to the vet that included multiple tests costing thousands of dollars, no one was able to explain why my puppy, Enzo, was throwing up. After one conversation with Sue and a few Reiki treatments on Enzo, he returned to his happy, cheerful, energetic self. I recommend Sue to anyone who has any questions about their pet. Talking and learning with Sue will not only be informational, it will bring you comfort and peace of mind.

Lynn Burgess, Founder and Owner of Yoga from the Heart, Sarasota, FL

My little 17 year old dog India has cataracts that rendered her almost completely blind. The vet told us a couple of years ago that India could only see shadows and she would eventually be completely blind. This was devastating news as India’s greatest joy was chasing balls endlessly. All of that came to a halt as she became inactive due to her vision loss. Even going for walks has been difficult as she gets startled by sun and shade, and stumbles and falls. I am beyond grateful for meeting Sue London!! Sue’s healing has miraculously restored some of India’s vision. Just yesterday after seeing Sue, India confidently walked through the crowd on a sunny day without stuttering her steps and could see where she was going. Today India actually chased a ball I tossed across the floor. She saw the ball for the first time in years! I’m beyond grateful for Sue’s healing abilities for my little girl. Thank you Sue. India and I will continue this healing journey with you. So much gratitude for you!! Thank you so much for giving of yourself Sue.

Tina & India
Brad Costanzo, Business Coach, The Canfield Training Group

Sue London has an amazing gift that I got to witness first hand. Her pet portrait and message from my deceased pet was beautiful, poignant and inspiring. She is an amazing person with a gift that can help the hearts of pet owners everywhere.

Brenda Pearce, Author, TV show Producer/Host, Show Host of Empowered Living On the Dream Visions 7 Media Network

Oh my gosh. Have you ever wondered what your fur baby is thinking, or what they want you to know? My friend Sue London does pet readings for our furry friends both here and on the other side. You send a photo to her, and she connects with them. She starts to sketch them and the readings come through. The validations and insights you receive are off the charts. When she did Daisy’s reading (she is still here with me), Sue told me that she had a lot to say, and kept her up very late in the night! Lol. ….. A few weeks later I received this email from Brenda…”BTW, Daisy’s right eye is closing up and her left eye is the larger eye, just as she had you draw it. So, as she nears the end, she showed you that as, a clue as to how I will know it is nearly time.

Janet Nestor, Author, Mental Health Therapist, and Diplomat in Energy Psychology

I love, love, love the drawing of little Cosmo and the message he gave to Sue London for me to enjoy. I laughed out loud when I first read it. It is so right on the money. Cosmo is a little character, and his personality was captured in the drawing and in his communication! Thank you so much for this precious gift.

I had chills when I opened my package with Emma’s drawing in it. Her drawing is exactly what she looked like. And the messages spot on.


Thank you, Sue, for sharing your gift. I will treasure my drawing of my boy. Your messages were so true. I feel good knowing he is okay and happy in heaven.


Oh my gosh, Sue, you have really captured my dog, Maddie, and his messages are very true. Thanks for reconnecting me to my best friend. What a wonderful gift.

Brenda Pearce & Daisy, Bliss & Blessings, Brenda ♥

Sue’s intuitive ability to tap direction in the soul of my darling dog Daisy has blessed me with a unique insight to her impressions, feelings, thoughts and desires. Daisy’s unique view of life has blessed me to improve the remaining time by giving her comfort, and share the unconditional love with a new and enriched perspective and appreciation. Thank you, Sue, for the spot-on reading, and the intuitive drawing was beautifully rendered on behalf of Daisy. My heart was filled from this gift of insight you share. Thank you. You truly are the Intuitive pet messenger.

Trish Mathews – DestinyDetective.com/pet

What fun it was to be on Sue’s show! Sue, her husband, and her 2 dogs (Marley and Gus) are all highly intuitive, but Sue takes intuition to another level. Having overcome challenges and near deaths, Sue inspires you to engage life in fun and unexpected ways. On your darkest of days, find joy and peace with Sue as she brings you messages from your loved ones and pets.

Judy Martel

When we heard of Bentley’s cancer diagnosis 2 years ago and hearing he only had 2 to 3 months to live, we were devastated. But here he is living his best life and the Dr’s telling us he’s a miracle boy. When I brought the anxiously awaited package from Sue into the house, Bentley was all excited and had to smell it up and down, and almost like he said, Ok, here it is momma…. Here’s my gift to you. Sue did say she normally only draws faces however; Bentley Boy decided she should draw all of him. His front right (left looking at the pic) is the arm he has bone cancer in, and he’s a little off centre most days and he physically sits this way as his body has adjusted…. the way his eyes are looking at us, is exactly him looking into your soul…. his message to me was to live in the moment with him, and to stop anticipating the future. He said the blue butterfly will be my sign that he’s still with me….. The message was so true to Bentley and something comforting for me to hear. In these past couple years of COVID-19 – I’m not sure if I’m here for Bentley or more likely Bentley Boy has been here for me. Thank you Sue for this amazing gift. xo