Sue London, The Animal Communicator & Healer in person at the Puddicombe Estate for the Dog Rescue Charity Event – IT’S A GOOD DOG DAY TO SUPPORT LOCAL RESCUES!

Come and meet Sue London, The Animal Communicator & Healer, bring your dog or any of your pet’s photos and Sue will give that pet a hands on healing and share message from them. Your pet will experience healing energy going to where the healing energy is needed. These healings help pets with physical, emotional, and mental challenges. This service Sue offers is very healing for pets that have been rescued and it’s beneficial for pets with health conditions and so much more.

Sue will be donating 100% of your healing treatment funds. Money will benefit Tails of the North Dog Rescue, Rebel Dog Rescue, and Canon’s Cause. Minimum offering for your pet healing is $30 for 20 – 25 minute healing. Together we will help more dogs find loving homes!

Here are some things pet owners are saying about Sue’s healings on their pets…..

“I am beyond grateful for meeting Sue London!! Sue’s healing has miraculously restored some of India’s vision. Just yesterday after seeing Sue, India confidently walked through the crowd on a sunny day without stuttering her steps and could see where she was going. Today India actually chased a ball I tossed across the floor. She saw the ball for the first time in years! I’m beyond grateful for Sue’s healing abilities for my little girl.” – Tina

“Sue London has an amazing gift that I got to witness first hand. Her pet portrait and message from my deceased pet was beautiful, poignant and inspiring. She is an amazing person with a gift that can help the hearts of pet owners everywhere.” – Brad

When: Saturday March 25th 2023

Time: 10 am – 4 pm

Cost: $30 minimum donation per pet healing

Location: 1468 Hwy #8, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.

For more details or to make a donation contact Stephanie @ 905 643-1015

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