FEAR Vs. INTUITION – How Can You Tell The Difference? by Sue London

Intuition is always a gentle and patient voice that occurs for a long time before taking any action. It is calm and doesn’t make you feel anxious at all. Your intuition tells you that something is off, but not in a scary way, and it stems from a space of deeper knowing that you can’t clearly explain. Your gut feeling doesn’t give you a tingling sensation in the stomach or in your knees. In fact, it doesn’t bring ANY changes in your physical body like anxiety or discomfort. These feelings usually stay for a longer duration of time and almost never force you to take immediate action. You stay in complete control of your mind while having this deeper knowing.

On the other hand, fear is very strong and roars in your mind with sudden changes in your physical body. It makes you uncomfortable and anxious. It is like a random thought that pops into your mind and forces you to take sudden actions. Fear always stems from past trauma, limiting beliefs, or constraints that you have put on yourself. Your intuition is like an inner compass, but most of the time the deep stuck fear overshadows it. Your fear can suddenly stop you and can convince you of any random thing, but your intuition  calmly makes you feel the actual energy of the situation. The best way to enhance your intuition is by believing in it and consciously understanding when it’s fear vs. when it is intuition. You can strengthen your intuition by practicing breathing techniques and 5- 7 minutes of meditation every day. Once you get aligned with your intuition, it grows stronger and stronger each day for the rest of your life.

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