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Discover During This Podcast How Sue London’s Client, Cindy’s Life Changed After Her Reading

Cindy Karch lost her beloved pet and connected with Sue London to help her recover from a difficult grieving process. This is what Sue talked to her about after receiving messages from her pets from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

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Spot’s Everlasting Love: A Journey of Healing and Wisdom

At the tender age of three, my mother and I embarked on a journey to find the perfect addition to our family—a dog. My mother had a clear vision: a dog that wouldn’t shed, bark, or bite. Even though I was just three years old, I can vividly recall that day when we walked into…

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Embracing Life’s Second Chance: A Journey of Hope, Transformation, and Divine Presence     

Imagine being told that you have just 30 minutes left to live. Who would you want to say goodbye to? What regrets would you have? These were the questions that confronted me on August 30, 1996, a day etched forever in my memory as the day I had my second near-death experience. Little did I…


“Harmony Unleashed: Playing a Meditation for Your Beloved Pet”

Our pets are cherished members of our families, and just like us, they can experience stress, anxiety, and restlessness. Fortunately, there’s a wonderfully calming tool at your disposal – playing a meditation for your pet. This simple act can foster a sense of tranquility and well-being, nurturing the bond you share with your four-legged friend….

Aging Together with Love: Supporting Your Pet and Embracing the Heartfelt Farewell by Sue London

Recall that magical day when you first met your pet, a moment filled with overwhelming love that sparked a lasting bond. Whether it marked the start of your pet parenthood journey or healed a heartache from the past, that connection ignited a flame of love that still shines bright. Though we yearn for our furry…

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Did you know that when you are scared, sad, or angry your pet will absorb your negative emotions? If a pet absorbs enough negativity, it can cause health issues within them.  I know you don’t want your pet to get sick so I want to share a process that will help you to release your…