Messages From Your Pet (30 mins)

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Have you ever wondered what your pet would say to you if you could hear him/her speak? Is your pet on the other side and are you wondering if he/she is okay? How would you like to discover your pet’s thoughts, emotions and the message he/ she is trying to bring you? Sue London can give you those personalized messages from your pet.
This session is for Pets alive and deceased.

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1 review for Messages From Your Pet (30 mins)

  1. Andrew Rogers

    “I’ve had two previous sessions with “animal communicators” that were zero on a 10-point scale and was very disappointed. Recently, I was talking with a friend in Arizona who told me about Sue
    and how pleased she was with her session. Excited, I was on the computer that night and scheduled a reading with Sue – surprisingly, for the next day. I only booked a half hour, though, because I was still a little skeptical. Well, thank goodness she had the time as we were able to go much longer – booking another half-hour. She was on a roll; I didn’t want to stop!

    I couldn’t have anticipated how much I learned – not only about Nikki, my parrot, but myself, as well – both individually and as a team, together. I thought it was just going to be a phone session but, fortunately it was over Zoom – so I was able to easily record the session with a little digital recorder. That was fortunate because there was just so much information and am anxious to listen to it again.

    A few days before, I had cancelled a session I had made with a psychic reader. I knew “why” after the session with Sue – she gave me exactly what I needed. She’s a remarkable lady! I’m sure you’ll get what you need to hear. On a 10-point scale, she’s an eleven!” – Andrew Rogers

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