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  • Messages From Your Pet (30 mins)


    Have you ever wondered what your pet would say to you if you could hear him/her speak? Is your pet on the other side and are you wondering if he/she is okay? How would you like to discover your pet’s thoughts, emotions and the message he/ she is trying to bring you? Sue London can give you those personalized messages from your pet.
    This session is for Pets alive and deceased.

  • reiki

    Have Sue London Perform Reiki on Your Pet & Channel a Message


    Sue London is a Reiki Master who uses this energy healing technique to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety through distant healing. Sue delivers energy to your pet’s body, improving the flow and balance of his/ her energy to support healing.

    In this 1-hour healing session conducted over zoom, your pet will receive Reiki healing energy. Your pet will share messages and wisdom that you need for right now. Concerned about your pet’s physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional health? Sue feels what your pet experiences and gives you a better understanding of what is happening with your pet.