Pet Messages With Healing Reiki (60 minutes)

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Sue London is a Reiki Master who uses this energy healing technique to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety through distant healing. Sue delivers energy to you and your pet’s body, improving the flow and balance of both your and his/ her energy to support healing.

In this 1-hour healing session conducted over zoom, you and your pet will receive Reiki healing energy. Your pet will share messages and wisdom that you need for right now. Concerned about your pet’s physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional health? Sue feels what your pet experiences and gives you a better understanding of what is happening with your pet.
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6 reviews for Pet Messages With Healing Reiki (60 minutes)

  1. Tina Stokes

    Thank you so much Sue, for your compassion, kindness, comforting words and for healing my little India. She slept like a baby all day after your healing and had an energetic happy night.

  2. Cheryl Kennedy, Pet Photographer

    Sue taps into a universal energy that is used to heal called Reiki.
    I first met Sue at the Ridgeway festival and we immediately connected over our love of animals. Read More

  3. Tammy Franzen

    Hi Sue I just have to thank you again I really feel so much better about Keiko and just knowing my pain and sadness affected her so much is what makes me want to change that and the guilt I will let go too so I can move forward and learn to be more in tune with her. You really made a difference for me and I will always grateful for that, just the peace inside knowing we’re both going to be just fine. I will definitely work on my homework. Thank you for all the info I really needed this tonight.
    Looking forward to my new chapter I will keep you posted on my progress! Thank you and thank Keiko for tonight!

  4. Tanya (verified owner)

    Sue was able to bring me the joy of my pets once more, as their bold personalities were channeled through her. I was reminded of how funny they were and that I was indeed loved by them. As well as that they are not angry with me and simply passed when their purpose was complete. Sue was more than generous in this call offering tools, knowledge, and affirmation. She assured me that the party was just getting started and that no matter what my pals are only an intention away. If you are struggling with a pet crossing over I highly recommend Sue to help you in reaching peace and clarity.

  5. Caroline

    Hi Sue! Thank you so much for the healings, love, and all good things. Cash and I can’t thank you enough, and we are so grateful to you. Yes, you are spot -on, yesterday was a very difficult day for me. Thank you for the encouraging words, they are much appreciated. I feel so blessed to have met you and would love to stay in touch with you and your sweet Marley. I know your dog, Gus, is driving you forward and giving you the strength to press on, but I want you to know how much we appreciate you giving us healing even in the midst of grieving your precious angel. Your passion for pets and their people shines through, thank you for being there for them when they need you most. Love and hugs to ya’ll – Caroline & Cash

  6. Cindy Karch, Author

    In life, things always happen for a reason. On the second year anniversary of my German Shepherds’ passing, (Jax), I had my session with Sue. The timing was not a coincidence. In February of 2021, we lost our female German Shepherd, then just 7 months later, Jax joined her. Losing two in a short amount of time broke me, to say the least.

    Much to my surprise, not only did Jax show up for the session, so did our girl, and our other girl from 13 years earlier, as well as my Mom! I was overwhelmed in a good way, and I sure needed to hear from all of them.

    For anyone who may be skeptic, believe me when I say Sue is the real deal. She told me a few things that she couldn’t have known. But one thing in particular blew my mind and confirmed that all 3 dogs and my Mom were really communicating with her.

    I was stuck for two years, in tears almost daily as though they had just died. I needed to know a few things. I didn’t have to ask either. Sue was able to tell me what I needed to hear, specifically from my sweet gentle boy, Jax.

    It’s only been a few days since my session, and I already feel lighter, like a heavy burden of depression has been lifted off my chest and shoulders. I’m even walking straighter, with my head up. I feel a sense of calmness in my spirit, one could say I feel content.

    I’ve even received a few signs from the dogs, and one from my Mom today, after not hearing from her in a long time.

    Sue has helped me immensely. Her understanding and compassion was much appreciated because she did not judge me. I highly recommend having a session with her if you are struggling with the loss of your fur baby. I finally feel like I can move forward and love our current German Shepherd 100% without the guilt.

    Sue, I can’t find enough words to convey to you, just how much you helped me get over this heaviness that was keeping me down. Thank you so much for your love and energy, healing and homework! – Cindy Karch, Author

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