Reiki for Pets Level 2 & So Much More

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I get very excited when students go on to take this next level. It will be very empowering for you. You will have the ability to make positive changes for pets, people and our planet during this training.

For parents who have children struggling in school, you will be able to send them distant healing to help them stay calm and more focused and get better grades. This will help them build more confidence and so much more.

For pet parents you will be able to help your pets by using stronger healing energy that will flow through you. My VET once told me that Gus, my 17-year-old dog, had a blood work report and healthy body similar of a 10-year-old dog. My pets receive Reiki 2-3 times a day. The healings you send at this level take much less time to perform.

For everyone who wants to help our planet heal, you will be able to send it a healing and help create miracles for our world. During the 9/11 attacks while many people watched helplessly, healers at this level were able to send healings to the support workers, those that were crossing, while bringing comfort to our world. I will share many stories and examples like this during our training.

You will also receive a Level 2 eBook manual to help you as you learn this process. Once you have completed a level of Reiki Training with me, you are welcome to join that level of training any time in the future for no additional cost. With your training with me, you also have the ongoing support and opportunity to ask me questions should they arise.

Requirement: To take this level of Reiki Training with me, you must complete Reiki For Pets & So Much More Level 1 with me.

I look forward to watching you grow and help many pets, people and our planet! Thank you in advance for wanting to make positive changes for others!

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3 reviews for Reiki for Pets Level 2 & So Much More

  1. Carolyn Carfora

    I absolutely loved taking the Reiki for Pets Level 1 and Level 2 courses with Sue London! She is extremely talented, insightful, and of course passionate about healing pets. Her work and experiences are truly inspirational. She taught me that animals are sensitive to the energy of their surroundings, so it is easy for them to feel the benefits of this practice. Reiki balances animals’ energy patterns and strengthens their natural healing systems. I highly recommend Sue’s courses to anyone interested in learning how to do Reiki. Even after completing the courses, Sue continues to be an amazing coach and mentor. I am grateful that I found Sue to teach me how I can assist in the process of healing pets!

    Carolyn Carfora,

  2. Chantel Nugent

    “I have just completed my Level 2 Reiki class with Sue, and it was a very uplifting and encouraging experience! Sue is very knowledgeable, and you can tell she really enjoys sharing her teachings with others! Not only will I be able to use these reiki practices on my own pets and family members, but I can use this as another branch in my dog walking and pet sitting business and I am looking forward to being able to share my knowledge with my clients as I learn and continue to grow as well”.

    Chantel Nugent, owner of Who’s Walking Who? Pet Services

  3. Selya Price

    My Reiki I and Reiki II trainings with Sue were absolutely incredible. Reiki II was especially so, way beyond my expectations.. extraordinary, exceptional, high energy, generous, loving, caring, supportive… just a few words describing Sue and how she provides healing and very personal teaching and mentorship. Over and above the content of the Reiki training, Sue skillfully guided me through the process of preparing myself and my life to be a healer in the world (something you cannot get from a book or someone not going all out for you). I learned to perform Reiki healing and unlock abilities I had no idea I had. Sue opened up my abilities, gave me confidence and showed me how to continue to grow them. I am so lucky to be guided by a super master with tremendous experience. Sue spared no energy, effort and time to carry me through an astonishing two-session journey to the heart of becoming a Reiki healer. She also put me on the path and in the mindset of being a channel to help others and I was able to help a family in need the morning after my training. Her mission is to help as many as possible and she practices this tirelessly. I have not met anyone with so much positive energy who puts herself out there constantly for the greater good. I also didn’t realize or expect how much I am healing by learning to heal others. I can’t imagine having a better experience, tailored to my individual needs. If you want to be trained by a powerhouse healer and teacher focused on how to get you where you need to be, you’ve come to the right place… a truly life-changing and miraculous journey with Sue. We can all help people, animals, and the planet from wherever we are, and Sue will show you how.

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