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Prior to your pet’s crossing, we can schedule 3- 60 minute calls. When you are at your appointment I will communicate with you through text, email, or What’s App telling you exactly what I feel and hear from your pet and so much more.


  • You will make an informed decision based on your pet’s messages for you
  • You will experience peace knowing your pet is calm and relaxed as I send Healing Reiki Energy to you all!
  • You will be comforted by the messages from your pet that channels through me
  • You will understand what your pet is feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • You will experience peace knowing who has come from the other side to support your pet during their crossing
  • Following the crossing of your pet, I will share tools and suggestions how to cope during this transition
  • You will receive additional 2 private 60-minute consultations through zoom with me where I will share messages, Healing Reiki Energy, and I will answer your questions
  • You will experience peace and calmness within your home environment as I clear the energy once a month for 6 months
  • You will experience peace and calmness as I send you and your family Healing Reiki Energy daily for 30 days
  • During the 30 days that follow your pet’s crossing I will share any messages or visions from your pet


Plus 6 months access to CELEBRATING OUR PETS with SUE LONDON zoom group calls 1st and 3rd Wednesday @ 1 pm EST (replays go out to everyone)

On these group calls:

  • You will feel comforted by the messages from your pets
  • You will experience calmness and relaxation as I send you Healing Reiki Energy
  • You will discover tools and tips from me that will help you cope, heal and move forward

Your pet will be featured on my website page – Tribute To Our Pets

You will receive through email a copy of my eBook, “Signs From Your Beloved Pets”

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4 reviews for Option 3: SUPPORT FOR 6 MONTHS

  1. Brenda & Daisy

    My beautiful Daisy stayed with me for 19 years. I watched her enduring spirit of love and loyalty last long beyond her vision, and declining physical condition. This past week, she had a day of unbearable pain, and I called Sue.

    She was able to connect with what was going on with Daisy, and her mental status, thoughts, fears and emotions. It allowed me clarity to let Daisy know that I would not let her suffer, based on her declining physical condition. Daisy and I had a heart to heart, eye to eye deep insightful moment, and came to peace to let her pass. What Sue saw was confirmed by x-ray. It helped me to prepare, and helped her to pass in peace. Thank you so very much for your love , friendship and gift to help my fur baby pass in peace.

  2. Melissa

    Losing our beloved pets is so challenging, more so for some. We had Sue help in transitioning our boy Tysen, in September. Sue was able to speak with him and give us confirmation that he was going to be hanging out with us after he left the earth. Sue also mentioned that Ty would be with a very special person of ours during his journey.

    A month ago my older boy began showing us he was ready to go be with his brother Tysen and sister Sooke and our special person. We gave him a month of extra love and support and continued to have contact with Sue almost daily for reports of the happenings both ways. Sue and Max had a few conversations in this time and we all understood that Max was getting ready and then was ready for his transition. Gratefully his brother Tysen and our special person was in contact with Sue within days and hours of the moment of the angels singing. Sue sent me a message saying that she heard angels and it was at the same moment Max transitioned. Being blessed with love and support from someone who understands what the animals need at this time gave me peace and knowing of how I could have been of service to my beloved boy. He transitioned so peacefully and it was with dignity. I was at ease myself and to experience what I was dreading in such a healing process, I recommend everyone have Sue guide them. I will always have Sue be with me as more dogs need a home like ours and we will keep bringing them home. Thank you Sue for making this experience so much easier to bear. You are truly a gift to everyone who gets to work with you! Thank you.

  3. Dean Duet

    My sweet boy Louie was with me for 16 yr. & 4 months and I connected with Sue to help provide Reiki for me & him during his decline for the past couple of weeks and through the entire process of helping my sweet boy across the rainbow bridge. It was truly a very peaceful experience being by his side, more than I could image. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but Sue’s Reiki healing helped immensely. Thank you Sue you are an angel!

    CPTD-KA Professional Dog Trainer, Double D Dog Training “Dog Dude”

  4. Mary T.

    “There are no words Sue to express the gratitude I feel to you for allowing Greg, Punky and I to connect on a deeply spiritual level in the minutes before her crossing … it is a gift to all of us that I could not imagine ever expecting.” – Gratitude and love from my family, Mary, Greg and Punky

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