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  • Hospice Pet Doula Service


    Sue London helps dying pets cross over in peace and brings comfort to pet owners.

    Having survived two near-death experiences that gave Sue direct witness to the ‘other side’. Sue has served as a bridge between our two worlds and has used her experience to help bring peace and healing to people and their pets. Through Sue’s own experience of crossing over, you will learn exactly what your pet is experiencing throughout the entire process. Sue will be sending both you and your pet healing energy to make the transition peaceful and comforting.

    • Sue will act as your personal support before, during, and after your pet’s crossing.
    • Sue provides calming Healing Reiki Energy to you and your pet throughout this process.
    • Sue will share your pet’s messages that will help you to make the informed decision.
    • Sue will share your pet’s journey as he/ she is crossing. You will know who has come to take him/her over, who is surrounding and supporting you both from the other side, how your pet feels physically and emotionally, and any message(s) your pet has for you.
    • Following the passing of your pet, Sue will follow up with you and provide additional support.

    Please email for Sue London’s availability.

    Please note: Sue is available for emergencies and helping pets cross over on weekends, holidays, and after hours. Please email Sue London for her availability.