A Gentle Journey to Connect with Your Inner Self, Loved Ones, and Beloved Pets.

A Journey to Connect with Your Inner Self, Loved Ones, and beloved Pets. Services include Hospice Pet Doula, Animal Communication, Healings, Podcast Hosting, Motivational Speaking & Authorship.

Why Sue London?

Sue London is awarded with the Top Hospice Pet Doula and Pet Healer for 2023

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It is with sadness in our heart that we gave Gus his final kiss and hug. Now he and I are on a new adventure together with him as my Angel. He crossed at 11:11 am and set off my phone with odd noises as he confirmed he was ok. I love you Gus Gus! Xoxo 😘

What I Do

Having survived two near death experiences that gave her direct witness to the
“other side,” Sue London, The Animal Communicator has served as a bridge between the two worlds which help bring peace and even healing.

Hospice Pet Doula

Pet Reiki Training

Messages from your pets

Sue & Your Angels Support

About Sue London, The Animal Communicator

As I hovered weightless over the body known as Sue London, lying lifeless on the operating table, I calmly watched the doctors panic as they were trying to revive me.

They did revive me, along with a power that had been dormant for over a decade. Weirdly, I was OK with dying. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and love that was missing in my actual life which had been filled with loneliness, abuse and ill-health. Apparently however, Heaven, Grandpa Buck and Jesus weren’t OK with it (more on that below).

Growing up a lonely, only child, my pets became my world. I had a vivid imagination which enabled deep conversations with my pets and animals all around me. My parents thought it was a phase and I thought everyone could hear their thoughts and feelings the same way I could. They couldn’t.

As I floated in the white foggy mist, two shapes formed into people – my Grandpa Buck and Jesus. Grandpa Buck told me it was not my time to join them and that I had to go back. He said, “You have millions of people and animals that need your help to cope, heal and move forward.”

I questioned what someone in my condition could do to make that happen, but when I saw Jesus nod his head in agreement, I figured I shouldn’t argue.

My eyes opened. I was in the hospital bed. And I wasn’t just revived, I was born again. Old thoughts were replaced by new questions. I was filled with gratitude for another chance and wonder at experiencing the other side.

The Animal Communicator

Discover Your Pet’s Thoughts, Emotions, & the Messages They’re Trying to Bring You

…my antenna has been finely tuned to pick up the most amazing messages from both people and animals… but most strongly from animals and pets that have strong bonds with humans.

I can proudly say that I have helped thousands of people more deeply connect with their own true self and with that of their animals, both living and crossed over.

The messages I’ve been able to channel through the hearts and souls of pets have helped to heal relationships, provide closure, peace and understanding that might never have been possible without this empathic bridge.

I don’t know how long it will be before I’m reunited with Grandpa Buck, Jesus and all the animals and people I have loved and cared for, but I know that when I return, I’m staying there satisfied that I spent every extra day on Earth trying to help people find peace, love and joy through better communication with the most important people and pets in their lives.

TOP HOSPICE PET DOULA & HEALER OF THE YEAR IAOTP – International Association of Top Professionals


Latest Press Release

AWARD from Toastmasters International

Awarded the BUSINESS MASTERY AWARD 2007 by John Assaraf, star of the major motion picture/and book, THE SECRET.

Sue was featured on Cable television on the Pet Network. The segment was such a success Sue was brought back to do 3 more segments.

Executive Producer and Radio Host for The Empowerment Channel

Nominated for HALTON WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2004

Interviewed on 10,000+ international radio and TV shows. 1000+ magazines around the world.

Host of Get Inspired Radio show on WBLQ AM Radio 

Inspired thousands of people through her
Motivational Presentations

Learn How To Clear Energy From Your Pet From Sue London, The Animal Communicator & Marley on The Source TV Show


I have just completed my Level 2 Reiki class with Sue, and it was a very uplifting and encouraging experience! Sue is very knowledgeable, and you can tell she really enjoys sharing her teachings with others! Not only will I be able to use these reiki practices on my own pets and family members, but I can use this as another branch in my dog walking and pet sitting business and I am looking forward to being able to share my knowledge with my clients as I learn and continue to grow as well.

Chantel Nugent, owner of Who’s Walking Who? Pet Services

Oh my gosh. Have you ever wondered what your fur baby is thinking, or what they want you to know? My friend Sue London does pet readings for our furry friends both here and on the other side. You send a photo to her, and she connects with them. She starts to sketch them and the readings come through. The validations and insights you receive are off the charts. When she did Daisy’s reading (she is still here with me), Sue told me that she had a lot to say, and kept her up very late in the night! Lol. ….

Brenda Pearce, Author, TV show Producer/Host, Show Host of Empowered Living On the Dream Visions 7 Media Network

Sue, thank you very much for the messages from our cat, Quizmo, and helping me understand why he was behaving like he was. I had no idea my daughter was going through abuse. I did have a talk with her, she opened up, and now she has left her boyfriend. Now that she and Quizmo are out of that environment, both my daughter and her cat are doing so much better. Thanks again, Sue.

B. P.

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